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Services for adults in transition

Milestones connects older adults with helpful resources, including:

  • Licensed professional counseling for older adults and their families, provided in their home

  • Specialists managing issues unique to psychiatric care

  • 24-hour telephone support

  • Qualified referrals for health, social, financial and legal support services

  • Communication with medical and social service professionals

  • Custom care plans, revised as needs change

  • Routine home visits for ongoing assessment and support


We’re here to help

Please view our list of services below. If you have questions about how we can help you or your loved one, feel free to contact us

Supportive counseling and custom therapeutic interventions, including cognitive behavioral therapy, are available in home, wherever your home may be.
The Milestones Unlimited team carefully screens each facet of care you may need. We are advocates in action.
Milestones Unlimited provides custom solutions for each phase of care. Our mission is to always to keep you secure and comfortable at home, wherever home may be.
Milestones Unlimited is an objective partner who respects and represents your interests. We ensure that all actions are essential and efficient.
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