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Assessment Services
With Changes Come Challenges

Navigating the maze of options for today’s older adults doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Milestones Unlimited provides custom solutions for every phase of care. Our mission is to always keep you secure and comfortable at home, wherever home may be.


If the time comes for a move, Milestone Unlimited’s support will move with you to ensure quality and continuity of care.


Quality Elderly Care Assessment Services

We provide qualified elderly care assessment services and referrals. This includes a wide variety of services designed specifically for older adults. These services include specialized care for those with mental illness.


Milestones Unlimited offers therapeutic counseling services for our clients and their family members, focusing on all aspects of transitions and grief.

Milestones Unlimited offers several elderly care assessment services. Please view our services page for more details, or contact us for more information. We are here to help. 

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